Advanced Editing

WIth Distressed FX Standard Edition, version 2.1 it is now possible to upgrade in-app to have extra editing features that can help take you pictures to the next level.

Added Features

Firstly our no.1 requested feature, masking. Ever since the app was first released, people have been asking for the ability to mask away parts of the textures from the image. So now we have introduced two ways to mask.

Touch Mask

Touch masking gives you the ability to paint a mask with your finger or Apple Pencil directly onto the screen. This essentially allows you to create a black and white mask over the top which determines how opaque the texture layers are. You can adjust the size, the opacity of the brush and also toggle the brush to Add or Subtract the opacity. If you make a mistake its easy to clear and start again.

Portrait Mask

If you have a device that supports portrait mode on the iOS camera, then you can now load those images into Distressed FX and use the depth data captured by these portrait mode photos as a mask. This means you can automatically apply a mask to the foreground or background areas of your image. Please note these images need to be captured by a camera app that supports portrait mode. Distressed FX will inform you if a photo has portrait mode data attached.

Here is more information about using portrait mode on your iOS camera.

Blend Modes

The advanced editing add on now unlocks a blend mode picker. When you choose a filter, you can now tap the filter a second time to select its blend mode. Blend modes allow you to apply the filter with a different mixing method. This allows you far greater control over you images.

Sharpen Slider

If your image just need that little more definition and contrast, or if they need a bit more sharpness – then the sharpen slider will allow you to ‘dial up’ that aspect of your images.

File Format Settings

You can now choose wether to save your pictures in a ‘lossy’ compressed format – Jpeg, or in a non ‘lossy’ uncompressed format – PNG. Perfect for those who want the maximum quality for their output images

Upgrade to Plus

Users of Distressed FX Plus will enjoy these features included with all the filters at no extra in app cost. The Plus edition only charges a single low fee and represents amazing value for money. To save money, Upgrade to Distressed FX Plus