Frequently asked questions

Some questions and enquiries come up more often than others so heres a few of our current most common questions.

This issue has now been fixed in version 2.0.1

This issue has been fixed in version 2.0.1

There can be several reasons a pack is unable to download.

1. Poor Internet Connection

Firstly check you are on a good WiFi connection, some of the packs are quite big and might take a while to come down. It might also be a good idea to download one pack at a time if your connection is not very fast.

2. Insufficient Storage Space

Please check you have sufficient space on your device for the packs to download. You can find your free storage space by going to Settings -> General -> Storage & iCloud Usage

3. You may have downloaded them

Some people have been expecting to see all the filters appear in the filter section of the app at once. They are in fact only displayed one pack at a time. So you need to go to the pack picker (where you purchased the pack) and tap the pack you wish to select. The current pack is indicated by a tick in the bottom right corner.

Due to popular demand – the “custom” filter where you can load in your own picture as a texture will be making a return in the next major app update. Please note the very next update will be a quick bug fix release.